• Proofreading

    Few things are more embarrassing than finally publishing your manuscript and finding that you still have mistakes within. After what seems like a thousand revisions, your eyes will get used to the text and you'll miss even the most obvious of typos. Hence, why you need an extra pair of eyes dedicated exclusively to finding those tiny mistakes that your vision has become so used to sweeping over. Send me your manuscript and I'll use my trained attentive and calculative eye to spot all those pesky typos, spelling, grammatical, punctuation, formatting, and syntax errors, as well as ensure that there's style consistency throughout before you're ready to publish.

  • Copyediting

    Sometimes you need more than just a surface proofread. Copyediting encompasses everything denoted in proofreading but delves deeper into your content to unearth not-so-easy to spot issues and ensures that your content is flawless. Send me your manuscript, and along with proofreading, I'll also point out inconsistencies, advise on wording to improve readability while maintaining your language style, fact-check where needed, as well as query any problem areas within your story.

  • Manuscript Critique (Beta Read)

    So you've finished your novel and now you need to take it for a test drive in order to work out those final kinks that you might not be able to spot. Send me your manuscript, and I'll give it a thorough read, leaving inline comments on anything that I find needs attention as well as deliver a final report assessing structure, flow, and completeness as well as a breakdown of my impressions on your plot, character development, dialogue, readability, and any other particular areas you may want me to focus on. I'll help you work through any big picture issues to ensure you're ready to query or before you begin the final processes before publishing.

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