• Proofreading

    Few things are worse than looking back through your published work and finding grammatical errors. The pain! The agony! The embarrassment! How will anyone take you seriously now? The thing is, when you're a writer, you're so busy trying to get thoughts down before they escape you that you have no time to figure out if it's two Ss or two Cs in "occasionally." Luckily, with my help, you will never have to worry about crossing your Ts and dotting your Is again. That's my job. Focus on getting your words down and let me worry about the rest.

  • Copy Editing

    Sometimes you need a little more than someone to check whether you've used enough Ss in Mississippi. Sometimes, in the heat of the moment, you forget that a character you named Loretta in chapter 1 suddenly became Lorena in chapter 10. That's alright. What mattered was what Loretta was up to from chapters 1 through 10. You're writing the next great bestseller; you don't have time to worry about inconsistencies. Enter: Me. Send me your work and I will not only ensure your spelling and grammar are correct, but I will also rake through it with a fine-tooth comb for inconsistencies in style and content, as well as fact-check your copy.

  • Copywriting

    Are you just too busy trying to juggle all other aspects of your business to even be bothered with marketing? Completely understandable! Who has time to check inventory, balance sales, make important meetings AND keep your blog up to date? Let me help take a load off your shoulders by writing your site/blog content. Take a look at my services and shoot me an e-mail. Let's figure out how I can use my word-weaving talent to attract clients to your site and help you make and finalize that conversion.

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