Below are some examples of what you can expect with each package. You can select the package that works best for you, or even choose a combination of packages. You may even combine packages from  Editing Services along with packages under Writing Services.

Contact me for details and rates.

Content Writing/Blogs

Need someone to write articles for your site or blog? Effective articles that pique the interest and curiosity of your visitors is what keeps them coming back to give you those clicks you need. Contact me and let’s see what I can cook up to get traffic flowing to you.

Product Descriptions

Got a product to sell but lack the words to lure customers to your door? Not a problem because I do. Let me worry about finding the right words to shine a light so bright and sparkling on your product, you and your customers will be wearing shades.


Have a product to promote but need to spread some word of mouth? From books to household items and everything in between, contact me so we can arrange to test your product. I’ll write an honest and convincing review that will pique the curiosity of potential customers.

Food Blog Writer

You’re a master in the kitchen but struggle to find the right words to really make your recipes attract visitors? You don’t have time for that! You have recipes to go discover! A blog needs at least 350 words to rank on Google. I know, right?! You’ve got the recipes; I’ve got the words. Contact me and let’s figure out how I can help attract readers to your food blog and keep them coming back!