Below are some examples of what you can expect with each package. You can select the package that works best for you, or even choose a combination of packages.

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Proofreading is the final editing step before publishing a book. This is a surface edit, focusing on correcting errors in spelling, punctuation, grammar, typography, and formatting as well as ensure style consistency. Proofreading helps catch all the mistakes that your copyeditor didn’t.

Once your manuscript has been edited, formatted, and is ready to send to the publisher, you’re going to want one final edit (a proof) to ensure your manuscript is as pristine as can possibly be and ready for the public eye.




With copyediting, you get everything that falls under proofreading, but it goes more in-depth, checking for readability and flow of your text, advising on better word usage, fact-checking, warning the author about possible legal implications, following your preferred style guide (AP, Chicago, or other). It also entails bringing attention to any problem areas in your content.



Manuscript Critique (Beta Reading)

It’s usually advised that writers find beta readers once they’ve completed their novel in order to get feedback on what works and what doesn’t. As an avid reader, I know when a story is going to be a hit and when it’s going to be forgotten beneath a pile of dust at the library. I have an excellent instinct for flow and can help you figure out what exactly it is about your novel that isn’t quite clicking together.

With a manuscript critique — more commonly known, beta read — you send me your manuscript and I read it leaving inline comments as I go along whenever I find something that I feel needs attention.

At the end, you’ll receive a copy of your manuscript containing margin comments as well as a report in which I break down my findings into plot/concept, character development, dialogue flow, and credibility, as well as anything that you may want me to pay special attention to.


*All manuscripts should be formatted correctly before submitting for a manuscript critique*

First chapter:

Up to 50,000 words:

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100,000 words and over: