Hi, I’m Maria!

Maria Chance Writer Proofreader Copy Editor

From drawing vowels with crayons on my mother’s walls to pouring over fan fiction in my youth, words have always been an important and integral part of my life. I’ve spent the greater percentage of my life devouring books and writing things, always knowing that writing and reading were bound to play a major part in my life.

After fourteen years working a dead-end, soul-numbing, 9 to 5 retail job, I decided to put my passion for words to good use. I’ve invested in training for proofreading and copy editing in order to polish my skills. I now have, not just a detailed eye for spotting mistakes, but I’m also proficient in working with Chicago and AP style, as well as working with and drafting style sheets.

I currently write and edit for the book blog www.paperbackparis.com

A little about myself:

Aside from being that annoying friend that constantly corrects your grammar and everyone wishes they could strangle, I also have a passion for travel. I love exploring new places, trying on the shoes of a different culture, and imagining life from a different point of view.

I’m an ardent advocate for women’s, animal, and human rights, as well as mental health awareness.

Once in a while, I love to brandish a paintbrush and palette and pretend I’m an artist.

I also co-host a monthly book podcast with my sister called Knocking Books. (Coming Soon.)

My two vices are ignoring chores to read books and getting lost in the vortex of YouTube videos.